There is no human tragedy that does not in some measure proceed
from conflict between the ego and the unconscious.

~ CG Jung, Collected Works, Vol. 8, par. 706

Several Ways To Begin...


Learn about yourself and grow through process group work, & individual sessions with a Jungian analyst of 30+ years’ experience. You choose what you care to share, be it past or present experience, concern, conflict, dream of childhood or adult, recurrent or otherwise. We meet as a group, then individually (one on one), again as a group, again individually, and finally once more, as a group, to conclude, sharing results, hopes and challenges remaining.  Registration via phone & email.
Individual Dream & Life Process Group
12 hours consultation in two months… 1000 CHF

Man to Man (for men who often don’t ‘group’)
12 hours consultation in two months… 1000 CHF

Couples Coaching Group
18 hours consultation in two months… 2000 CHF
Relationships bring out our best & worst, our unknown potential & also unsettling, repressed, aspects of self. Couples coaching addresses issues of imbalance around boundaries, how both holding on & letting go in life are necessary for intimacy & respect as a couple—and difficult.  Clarifying personal issues from shared values, conflicts & commitments can be key to breaking old, unhelpful patterns. Sensitivity helps build new, healthy awareness & growth as couples & individuals alike, both in embracing & releasing.

And The Potential To Go Deeper...

Individual Analysis   Adult ~ Young Adult

Classical soul work of emerging individuality, exploring life issues, conflicts, & dreams of past, present & future. The goal: meaning & stability. At your unique pace & in your own way.

Timely intervention in a caring, structured environment can help to resolve early, & prevent later, suffering & isolation for young and old, allowing for a healthy, soulful development.

Coaching Support   Youth ~ Academia ~ Adult ~ Couples Family ~ Health Care Professionals

Short & longer term process work to help become clear on conflict & suffering, issues and goals…& to get on in life with perspectives & attitudes offering inner support along the way.

Business Consulting

When the ‘Dream Team’ has become more of a nightmare, it’s time to wake up, confront conflicts & their consequences, & then get back to work with new energy and focus.

Professionals' Depth Supervision  Confidential casework review options
Individual Professional process work with me privately.

Group Monthly exploration of casework with myself & Heike Weis Hyder, psychiatrist and Jungian analyst. We will help participants to appreciate dynamics of symbolism and depth psychology with regard to process work with patients & clients.
Video Consulting

Global internet consultation is available, when distance, health, &/or travel make office visits impractical or impossible.

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