Scott Hyder, lic., Université de Paris VIII, musique, Diplomate, C.G. Jung Institute of Analytical Psychology, Zürich (CGJI), & member of the International School of Analytical Psychology - Zürich (ISAP). Hyder maintains a private practice in Zürich, Switzerland.

Teaching at both CGJI & ISAP, he currently serves on the Executive Committee of the international Association of Graduate Analytical Psychologists (AGAP) & is also member of the International Association of Analytical Psychology (IAAP), and other professional organizations.

Scott Hyder was born in the US in Idaho, and grew up in both urban and rural settings. Interest in languages and cultures led to life, study & work in Germany, France, Switzerland, and Canada, as well as Morocco, where he taught English in US Peace Corps two years.

In private practice since 1989, past-president of the C.G. Jung Society of Vancouver, B.C., Canada, Hyder returned to Idaho in 1994. He co-founded and led the Idaho Friends of Jung, a Boise non-profit group, a depth community resource which continues to thrive today.


In Vancouver, in Sun Valley & Boise, Idaho, as well as at both Zürich Jungian training Institutes, Hyder has held lectures, seminars & workshops on numerous Jungian topics. Subjects have included trauma and transition, dream interpretation, symbols, synchronicity, projection and complexes, as well as typology and individuation.

Returning to Zürich in 2012, Hyder maintains a private practice, consulting primarily with individuals. He also works with couples and groups. Some ventures, including professional supervision, involve Heike Weis Hyder, his wife, a longtime Zürich psychiatrist and Jungian analyst.

Philosophy & Approach

Only what is truly oneself has the power to heal ~ CG Jung

Life invites us to affirm meaning in our individual existence & find our place and purpose in the world. The goal is personal wholeness, not perfection.

My job is to help individuals cultivate awareness and learn to apply it in life. The individual’s soul guides all process work. Learning how to reflect, to take care of oneself — to listen to soul — is the foundation for a healthy, meaningful life. Experiencing vibrancy of life in practice is essential. Theory can provide some support.

CG Jung’s Analytical Psychology affirms the significance of the unconscious in development as in life. Jung’s approach reveals & relates symbols of wholeness within our lives through dreams and complex life situations. Even symptoms of trauma and suffering also represent profound transformational potential, when respected.

Relationship dynamics are at the heart of most conflicts with work, family, friend, lover, & oneself. They are both sources of suffering as well as of healing. Each can hold opportunities and meaning for our development.

Most human challenges are universal - archetypal. Solutions, however, are both personal and unique. In facing our struggles with courage and humility, we gain insight and greater personal integrity. In this way, we learn to appreciate and accept limits. We thus nurture attitudes & behavior to help us thrive, not merely survive.

Success is measured through results. Effective process work is both practical & felt. This allows the everyday sacred to resonate and be reflected in our lives. Thus, we grow as individuals and embody deeper purpose, realizing our potential in more fully being human.

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